Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We're going to Disney World!

.... and, no, not because we just won the Super Bowl. 

on Jax's bedroom door

 Our house is in full Disney prep mode even though we're not leaving for over two months. I've been in all my former-travel-agent glory planning detailed itineraries for every day of our vacation. Thankfully, my family has let me have free reign of this because they know I just want to squeeze it all in for maximum enjoyment. Scheduling days that will make everyone happy can be tough with kids so far apart in age! Mike and I haven't been to Disney World since we were children, and the last time Ccelsie went was with her Dad's side of the family. We are all ALMOST just as excited as Jax is!

 Jax has been begging us to take him to TheWaltDisneyWorldResortInOrlandoFlorida... that's how he says it, every time, for at least a year now. He's watched every youtube video and studied every park map, and can recite entire shows he's never seen in person. I think he'll want to grow up to be a travel writer or a tour guide!

 I know I'll have lots more to post between now and our departure date, but for the time being, do you have any tips for a child's first Disney World visit? I'd love to hear them!


  1. Figured it out! Now I can post. One more thing, there are plenty of things to do around the immediate area that you all may enjoy, such as Downtown Disney and International Drive in Orlando. Just try not to fit everything in. It will only let me post as anonymous, but it really is me, Angie!