Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Easter, and a few other things, but mostly Easter

 I think I kind of picked a bad week to start a blog. I had all kinds of post ideas when I began, but then a few things  popped up and stole my weekend away. Friday morning, just as we were beginning our two days of leisure, Mike got called to Nashville for work. And Sunday, I had to attend the funeral of a great uncle. My routine was temporarily off-track, but yesterday morning I got an email from World Market that put me right back into Running the Show mode.
 Every year, right after Valentine's Day, I start gearing up for Easter. I'm not Irish or an alcoholic so St. Patrick's Day is barely a blip on our radar. Easter is my very most favorite holiday. I think it became so when I was a kid mostly because it meant my birthday was near. Every year, my mother used to make this cake with colored-green coconut for "grass" and jellybeans for "eggs" that was really nothing special underneath but I always thought that Easter cake was the most delicious thing I'd ever had.  As an adult I love the decorating most of all. Who can resist bunnies and chicks in pastels? I went a little crazy yesterday stocking up on items to create my Easter tablescape, but I should probably mention here that right now I don't even have a dining table. It's on order, though, I swear! I was assured it would be delivered before Good Friday!

 My most-coveted Easter treats throughout the rest of the year are Milka Eggs. Have you had these? They come in a cute little egg carton with coordinating mini plastic spoons and are filled with this mousse-y, creamy vanilla STUFF that's probably made of plastic and cancer but tastes like heaven.

I've had to go years at a time before without having these, because they're not exactly easy to find, so when I can, I buy way more than any one person ever should. I'll be working them off all April! Do you have a favorite Easter treat? Or is there another holiday altogether that you spend the whole year waiting for?

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